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2019AGI 沈阳国际游乐产业博览会

2019 Shenyang (China)  Theme Park Children’s Park Arcade & Amusement Equipment Expo
游乐行业 东北(沈阳)订货会
AGI Dates

April 19-21,2019
AGI Venue

Shenyang Huanggu Sports Center (Shenyang, China)
Range of Exhibits

1, children’s playground, playground, park facilities: roller coaster, scooter, Ferris wheel, carousel, bumper cars, go-karts, Ferris wheel, coaches, sightseeing ropeway, amusement robots, simulate golf, shooting simulation system, rafting equipment, water slides, water walking ball, bumper boats, fog screen veil facilities, combined with photoelectric type play equipment, laser, lights, pyrotechnics, special effects, dynamic film, 3D, 4D cinema, water curtain film equipment, vending machines, amusement farm management software ticketing systems, kiosks, children’s playground, a combination of pleasure toys, gas mode.

2, Video Products: gaming machines, analog machines, remote control device, hit games, arcade, game consoles and peripherals, online games, carnival lottery machines, basketball machines, interactive games, dolls, gift machine, sticker cameras, all kinds of amusement machines, educational and entertainment equipment, PC games, video games, mobile games and related technology equipment. Video game accessories: coin, color version, video game displays, monitors (tube), converters, touch screen, buttons, power, game tokens.

3. Industry Related: game-related media, publications, lottery game, game software development, game personnel training institutions

Prospective visitors

We expect visitors from the following types of companies, individuals:
Managers and executives from companies that are seeking new businesses.
Companies and organizations that are considering to secure master franchise rights.
Corporations and individuals that are planning to diversify their businesses.
Franchisers that are planning to open more shops or diversify their businesses.
Individuals that want to start their own businesses.

Shenyang Zhongzhanlixin Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Overseas Contact Office 
Shenyang Zhongzhanlixin Exhibition Co., Ltd.  
TEL: 0086-24-66806688 FAX: 0086-24-66806661 
Booth Construction & Decoration:
2019 April 17-18 8:30-16:30
Exhibitor’s Registration:
2019 April 17-18 8:30-16:30
Fair Dates and Opening Hours:
2019 April 19-20 9:00-16:30
2019 April 21 9:00-14:30
Move-out Exhibits:
2019 April 21 14:30